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Moshassuck Clean-up Month: October 2020!

Due to the pandemic concerns in Spring, we held our 2020 clean-up during the weekend of October 17-18, and finished up in early December.

Greg Gerritt documented the Cemetery Street site clean-up with a video.

The result was a trash-free stretch of the river on both sides of the street

As well as a clean roadside for 100 yards to hide the history of dumping in the area.

The trash was carefully prepared for pick-up.

An almost identical effort took place for a stretch of the West River branch.

Resulting in a pleasing, trash-free view of the river from the overpass.

Of course, we'd prefer not to see the trash accumulate.

But it turned out to be quite a nice weekend to reconnect with friends.

We waited to clean up the resident summer camp we found along our Collyer Field river stretch of the Moshassuck.

We were concerned that people were still using the space for overnight shelter.

But, after the first snowfall of the season, we inspected for new activity before starting the clean-up. There was a lot to do.

Upon finding no camping activity, volunteers cleaned up the trash, brought the clothes to be dry-cleaned, and donated the clothes to charity.

Historical Participation

Friends of the Moshassuck participates in the Galego Court Earth Day cleanups in Pawtucket.

Pictures from the Annual Earth Day Cleanup

Once again, Friends of The Moshassuck focused on cleaning up the Moshassuck River banks near Galego Court from 9am-1pm for Earth Day 2015 (similar to 2014's event). Some six hundred people attended to help celebrate the planet and their communities by cleaning up accumulated trash.

Friends of The Moshassuck focused on cleaning up the Moshassuck River banks near Galego Court from 9am-1pm on April 27, 2013 — our first Arbor Day event after Earth Day events on April 23, 2011 and April 21, 2012. We met at 483 Weeden Street in Pawtucket and enjoyed food and celebrations as we helped lead our peers to a meaningful clean-up.

Pack 1 was very active in cleaning up the river:

Occasionally, an object is just out of reach and we all stare at it as a challenge:

We had a lot to clean up as this picture shows:

Friends of The Moshassuck participates in the international Earth Day activities by cleaning stretches of the Moshassuck River and its riverbanks.

Spring is a great time to clean up the river as the foliage is not fully out and we can gain access to the river.

We get a surprising amount of exercise bending, squatting, and pulling heavy objects out of the river.

It's great to see a community get together for Spring cleaning with one last inspection downriver by San Antonio Way.

We all head home with a sense of accomplishment.

Pictures from previous cleanup events here.


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